About Us

Simply Seha Sea Moss Infusions Company has a secret. It all started when our founder discovered the plethora of sea moss gel benefits. She knew she had to get her hands on some, but after discovering the lack of delicious and high-quality products on the market, she found herself disappointed. Many products are not blended properly, leaving undesirable bits of Sea Moss in your gel, some are crafted from fake, unpalatable, pool-grown sea moss, have hidden additives, or are made with tap water.

What’s a self-starter to do? Make her own.

Simply Seha Sea Moss Infusions Company was born and we began the process that brings wildcrafted, authentic sea moss from the ocean directly to you!

First, we use a high-speed blender so that all your sea moss flaunts a perfectly smooth texture. Next, we opt for Alkaline Water to enhance the health benefits. We add Organic Medjool dates, a hint of lime, and a generous amount of Organic fruit so that each variety is bursting with flavor!

Simply Seha Sea Moss Infusions is excited to present its wildcrafted, Vegan, Non-GMO, Sea Moss Gels in its current flavors of:

Original 🌱

Fresh Pineapple🍍

Sweet Strawberry🍓


Strawberry Lemon-Aid🍓🍋





Bladderwrack|Burdock Root|Elderberry🌱🍇

Creamy Coconut🥥

Creamy, Decadent Chocolate🍫

Other offerings include our Sea Moss Capsules, Elderberry-Ginger Wellness Elixir and Raw, Wildcrafted Sea Moss, for the customer who prefers to create their own sea moss gels, face masks, and hair masks.