Also known as Irish Moss, Sea moss is an Atlantic coastal seaweed, which has been part of the human diet for thousands of years. Sea Moss alone provides 92 of the 102 trace minerals our bodies need to thrive. Harvested from pristine, mineral rich, volcanic waters in protected bays in St. Lucia, Simply Seha Sea Moss is 100% wildcrafted and all-natural with nothing added except sunshine. We take great pride in its preparation so that our customers receive and enjoy the best quality sea moss gel available on the market.

Sea Moss is wonderfully capable of fighting back against aging, fatigue, inflammation, bacteria, and any infections of the body. It is commonly referred to as a superfood for its radical abilities and healing properties. It can be added to body butter, put into capsules, or eaten naturally, like our Simply Seha’s Fruity or Creamy Flavors for easy consumption! We like to think of it as your go-to multi-vitamin for all things fresh and bursting with health!

YES! Sea Moss is similar in flavor to Kelp or other seaweed snacks! (Mermaid approved) It contains a wide range of healthy minerals, vitamins while being extremely low in calories and sugars! So, you never have to worry about being crabby again! The balancing salts also do wonders for your hydration and brain fog, making it the perfect addition and healing aid to anything fishy happening in your life.

Unless you are eating high quantities of Sea Moss or consider yourself more of a humpback whale type of eater, Sea Moss is a great addition to any diet. However, we suggest monitoring your intake no matter how delish it is. Although our Sea Moss is tasty, it can commonly have a higher iodine content which can lead to thyroid issues and other health ailments.
*Suggested daily intake 2-3 tablespoons, depending on your desired level of support.

Expect a rich and creamy or fresh and fruity flavor explosion! Simply Seha’s flavors range from the tropical side to rich and indulgent. Shifting from poppin’ pineapples, electric elderberry, and sweet, sweet strawberry to creamy coconut or decadent chocolate! Plus, Sea Moss Gel is great straight out of the jar OR just add right into your smoothies, morning cup of coffee, juice, tea, or bowl of oatmeal!

"Seha" is an English phonetic pronunciation and translation of the Arabic word for "good health". So, in translation, our name means 'Simply Good Health Sea Moss Infusions'. This perfectly describes what we and many of our customers are striving to maintain long term. God willing, with the inclusion of Sea Moss, we are now able to do just that!