Alkaline, Fruit-Infused Sea Moss Gels

Delicious Fruit-Infused Sea Moss Gels Make Meal Prep And Self Care A More Enriching Experience

With Alkaline, Fruit-Infused Sea Moss Gels, adding one of nature’s most impressive superfoods into your everyday beauty and self-care routine is easy and delicious.

Sourced directly from the calm, mineral-rich, volcanic waters of St. Lucia and naturally sun-dried by the warm Caribbean sun, this 100% raw, all-natural sea moss is richin amino acids, vitamin C, vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and minerals.

With 12 flavors to choose from, including popular favorites like Pineapple and Strawberry-LemonAid, you’ll have plenty of ways to perk up recipes and infuse your favorite local ingredients with a dose of Caribbean health.

These Alkaline, Fruit-Infused Sea Moss Gels make meal prep and cooking simple. Their liquid form can be added directly to smoothies and bowls. You can even try adding them to baked goods as a substitute for eggs!

And if you’re looking to freshen up your self-care routines with a naturally hydrating alternative, sea moss gel can be applied directly to your skin and your hair.

Check out a few more great reasons to incorporate Alkaline, Fruit-Infused Sea Moss Gels into your daily routine:

🌱 Classic and Seasonal Flavor Varieties -To get the most out of your all-natural Sea Moss Gels, we offer the following flavors: 🌱Original, 🍍Pineapple,🍓Strawberry, 🍓Strawberry-Pineapple, 🍓Strawberry-LemonAid, 🥭Mango, 🥭Mango-Peach, 🍌Banana-Berry, 🍇Elderberry-Ginger, 🍇Bladderwrack/Burdock Root/Elderberry, and🍫Creamy Decadent Chocolate!

🌱 Natural Beauty -The abundance of minerals and vitamins is not just a boost for your body but for your beauty routine, too. Apply our Original gel to your skin to help moisturize and reduce the occurrence of breakouts, or to your hair to promote sebum production and natural hair growth.

🌱 Immune Booster -By providing a balance of vitamins and minerals, sea moss supports your long-term health, boosting your body’s defenses, reducing congestion from respiratory conditions, and improving thyroid issues.

Enjoy all the benefits of nutrient-rich sea moss with the ease of Alkaline, Fruit-Infused Sea Moss Gels. Order yours today!

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